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GOAL 5 : Gender equality

« Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls »

Thanks to the Millennium Development Goals, progress has been made around the world regarding gender equality, in particular with equal access to primary education. However, women and girls continue to face discrimination in all regions of the world.

Even today, one out of five women aged 15 to 49 have declared to have been victimized by an intimate partner in the last 12-months. Despite this fact, 49 countries still do not have laws protecting women.

The "Gender Equality" SDG seeks to tackle several aspects of this inequality, ensuring women's access to education, health, decent work and decision-making positions. It is a SDG that is particularly interrelated with the other goals: to achieve it, it will be necessary to give women access to education, health and decent work.

In ODDATARA, we covered the story of Mosmin in India, who founded a workshop of craftswomen in his conservative village: a place where women are free to meet and discuss their future, without being overseen by men. In France, we followed the Fibr’Ethik Workshop, which mainly receives women in difficult situations and help them regain self-confidence through artisanry, in order to eventually re-enter the job market.

Here are some documentaries that represent the struggle to achieve this Goal:

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