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GOAL 12 : Responsible consumption and production

« Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns »

This Objective encourages the efficient use of resources and energy, by creating sustainable infrastructure and ensuring access to basic services for all, with decent and environmentally friendly jobs. It aims to create work by reducing future economic, environmental and social costs.

This transformation of production patterns must go hand in hand with the education of consumers, by providing them information on the production patterns through education programs as well as standards and labels. Like most of the SDGs, this is a goal that will only be fully achieved with the active action of the people.

This SDG is represented in India by the story of Babloo, who fled the conventional artisan workshop where he was being exploited, in order to join a fair-trade workshop, where his salary is above the minimum wage and his health is protected. In France, we present the story of Ardelaine, a cooperative that creates wool products with ecological and responsible methods, and Les Hirondelles, a fashion brand that produces clothing in partnership with decently paid artisans from their region.

Here are some documentaries that represent the struggle to achieve this Goal:

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