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« A universal challenge… faced head-on by fair trade »

Fair trade defends the free movement of people as described in article 13 of the universal declaration of human rights.

The goal of Fair Trade is that everyone can earn a decent living from their work wherever they choose to live. Nowadays, unfortunately, due to a commercial, economic and agricultural system that reinforces inequalities, too many people have no choice but to abandon their place of residence, leaving behin their land, their homes, and sinking further into precariousness... sometimes even putting their lives at risk.

Fair Trade, by generating economic opportunities through an alternative market, better income and the stimulation of collective actions, contributes to improving the living conditions of producers and their families. This allows them to freely choose whether they want to migrate or stay at home...

The fight against poverty, which is a central contributor to many migratory phenomena, is a central mission of Fair Trade. Through their economic, social and environmental action, these associations act in different ways: fair prices, social initiatives, etc.

These are some documentaries that represent the challenges related to migration:

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