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GOAL 8 : Decent work

« Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all »

Today, the global economy is experiencing slow growth and widening inequality. About half of the world's population still lives on around 2$ a day, and the unemployment rate is of 5.7%. In many countries, employment does not guarantee freedom from poverty, and only 29% of the total population benefits from full social security. Governments need to review and reorganize their social economic policies to eliminate poverty completely.

Access to social security and even the very existence of a minimum wage varies by country. In fact, some countries that are considered to be developed do not have social security. In other countries, notably the large emerging countries such as the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), high economic growth has not necessarily led to a reduction in inequalities: in some cases, it even spurred opposite.

Economic inequalities and the lack of access to decent work is causing growing dissatisfaction around the world, and addressing it has become a major political concern. Potential solutions may be found in the creation of quality, non-polluting jobs, and an increased access to the financial services necessary to manage income, accumulate assets and make investments.

In India, Sunita founded an artisan workshop in the neighborhood of Badarpur, where artisans are free to discuss and organize against the inequalities they live with. In France, we covered the historic struggle of the Canuts, silk artisans who organized to assert their worker’s rights back in the 19th century. More recently, we have followed the life of Amandine Petroff, a pottery craftswoman who manages to make a living off her art by organizing with her fellow potters.

Here are some documentaries that represent the struggle to achieve this Goal:

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